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Nicole and Eric Wooldridge, along with their daughters Kiara (7) and Adelina (5), have committed to spending at least a year and a half living and working at a children’s home in rural Honduras. On this blog, they share their experiences as a missionary family at the Finca del Niño (Farm of the Child) in rural Honduras.

Due to Honduran child protection laws and the extreme vulnerability of the children entrusted to the Finca’s care, no identifying information (names or faces) of the kids can be posted on this site. Thanks for understanding!

The Wooldridges

Eric is an ordained pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, taking a temporary leave of absence from official church ministry to serve as a missionary.

Nicole has worked in various capacities in the non-profit and higher education sectors, most recently coordinating international student activities at a college in Washington.

Kiara and Adelina are along for the ride!

Snail Mail

We can (and we love to) receive mail at the Finca! Our mailing address is:

Finca del Niño — Wooldridge Family
Apartado Postal #110
Trujillo, Colón
Honduras, Central America

Please keep in mind that although mail is fairly reliable, it can take anywhere from a few weeks (for letters) to a few months (for packages).

God bless you!

Wooldridge Family

Adelina, Nicole, Eric, and Kiara Wooldridge

One thought on “About

  1. Nicole! The internet brought me to your blog by fate I suppose…. I was in the second “class” of volunteers at the Finca starting in 1997. Reading your blog has brought me back. So much has not changed one bit! Dona Olympia…. she must be 120, or 60 years old! I too got dengue while there…. but way back then, there was no diagnostic test. Only symptoms, and negative malaria tests. Years later, working in Papua New Guinea I was found to have antibodies to Dengue, meaning I had a previous infection.
    Anyway I was looking for info on the finca, and I found your blog…. I hope you are adjusting to re-entry, I have always found coming back this way so much more difficult… I hope your and your family are healthy again
    En paz, Erin


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